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Visiting the Capitol

When visiting the Georgia State Capitol, always wear comfortable shoes, take your photo identification (such as a driver’s license), and leave anything that could be considered a weapon (even pocket knives) at home. 

Visiting the Capitol can be intimidating at first; perhaps that is why there are so few “regular folks” at the Capitol most of the time.  Visiting legislators at the Capitol can be a powerful way to express your ideas to your representatives–especially when you mention that you are from “back home.” 

You can try to meet with your representatives in several ways.  First, you can call ahead for an appointment.  Second, you can drop in and see if the legislator is in his or her office.  Not all offices are in the Capitol; some office are located in another office building across the street from the Capitol.  You will need your legislator’s office address.  You can get that from the internet before you leave home or you can get a copy of the “white book” at the Capitol which lists photographs and information about the legislators.  Third, you can try to find out what committee meetings your legislator might be in.  These meetings are open to the public, although the public cannot speak at a committee meeting.  However, you can wait around in hopes of catching your representative for a chat.  Finally, there is a procedure in which you can call legislators from the floor of the House or Senate to speak with you for a few minues

The main doors of the House and Senate chambers are on the third floor of the Capitol on opposite sides of the building.  The visitor galleries are on the fouth floor.  Restrooms and elevators are scarce.  Be prepared to climb many stairs while visiting the Capitol.  There is a small snack bar with very limited seating on the ground floor.  The Floyd Building (across from the Capitol) has a large cafe that is usually very busy.  In addition, Underground Atlanta is only a couple of blocks away.  The greeters and security guards at the Capitol will help the disoriented find their way.

Parking is available in parking decks around the Capitol.  It is also possible to park in a remote location and take the Marta train which stops at the Floyd Building (Georgia State Stop).

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